Thursday, June 27, 2013

BIG News

To celebrate the 14,000th visit - I’m making a couple BIG announcements. (okay, I was going to make these announcements anyway, but it’s still cool that the girls have gotten so many looks)

1. Fat Spies is scheduled for release in early September. I’ll release sneak peeks and additional information as the summer draws to a close.

2. Fat Assassins audiobook is live and available on Audible (Amazon’s audiobook page). You can download it for free if you register for a trial account (FREE) which you can cancel after you download the book - no strings attached. You get to keep the books even after you cancel your subscription, so once you download’s yours forever. Just like a Chia pet. Don’t worry, I’ll still get Amazon perks even though the audiobook will be free for you. I was so impressed with the job that Minnie Goode did as the narrator. I have to admit that Chapter 11 is one of my favorites now - just because of the amazing job she did with all the voices. Be sure an let me know which character voice you liked the best!

Here’s the link for the audiobook deal:
If you enjoy the audiobook, stop by and let Minnie know:

Thank y’all for being BIG fans (and not staging a riot for the delayed release of Fat Spies).