Sunday, December 30, 2012

Speed Sisters

I had the opportunity to interview director Amber Fares and a few members of the Middle East’s first ever, all women motor racing team about their upcoming film Speed Sisters. These women are pretty funny and tough (like Shasta and Ulyssa), so I hope you enjoy the interview. Please keep in mind...this isn't a blog post about political or religious agendas - it's about women who are following their dreams. To see the Speed Sisters movie trailer (on YouTube), Click Here.

Questions for the Racing Team (Betty, Noor and Mona):

Q1: As a decorated racing veteran - what’s your favorite part of the race?

Betty: My favorite part of the race is when I am racing and speeding, and I have good time beating the boys. Beating men's time is a great feeling cause this sport is known for male, but as a woman I love proving that we can kick ass.

Q2: What’s been your proudest racing moment?

Mona: I think I have a lot of proud moments when I drive because I always have new things happen. I spend half of my life driving my car, and always I feel free and happy. When I drive, and I feel no one can pass me especially when I drive too fast.

Q3: You’re a competitor in all sports - Olympic swim team, National soccer team and now racing. What motivates you?

Noor: It’s just something I love to do. It’s like a part of me needs to get it done! It's my passion and what I enjoy the most. What really makes me happy is sports! It’s just something inside of me since i was young that makes me want to do it.

Q4: What advice would you give to women and girls all over the world?

Betty: To all the women around the world - if you want a happy life tie to it to a dream or a goal...not to people or things.

Mona: I would like to tell all the women in the world and in! Don't be scared because you can be happy when you drive. Come to join us in the races and we can beat them all,. Know that we are equal and if we want to do something and put it in our minds - we can do it.

Noor: My advice to women is to do what they love, and if it’s a dream...they want should follow their dreams till they get it. Live it proudly and show the world women are brave and strong and determined!

Questions for the Director (Amber Fares):

Q1: Have you been tempted to get behind the wheel and race since starting this project?

I have thought about trying it!  I might still.

Q2: What’s surprised you the most during the filming of Speed Sisters?

There have been several surprises over the years.  I think it surprised me at first how accepted women racing seemed to be within society here.  But when thinking about it, it makes sense. Historically, women have always had a very important role in the civic society, especially during the first intifada. So the idea of women participating in such a sport is not really outside the realm of possibilities here. People seem to be genuinely proud that there are women race drivers representing Palestine


Q3: What’s your next project?

I'm not sure what my next project is yet!  I need to finish this one first!!

Q4: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from this directorial experience?

I think patience is the most valuable thing I have learned (though I don't always practice it). Things will always come around as they should, no need to force anything :)

Thanks to Amber, Betty, Mona and Noor for doing the interview. I'm looking forward to seeing Speed Sisters on the big screen!

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