Sunday, November 4, 2012


I stumbled upon an interesting find today as I was scouring the web for info on the Fat Adventure books.

Fat Bodyguards is #1 under Action & Adventure -> self-esteem. Yay!

But as I dug around more, I discovered something much cooler. When you do a book search on Amazon for self-esteem and fat... Fat Bodyguards is ranked #15.

Although it’s a sub-category, I’m excited that people looking for answers related self-esteem and fat get a good look at Shasta and Ulyssa, proudly posing on page 2.

Neighbors, put your earplugs in - I’m going to crank up Pink’s Perfect song and belt out a karaoke dedication to everyone who’s ever felt the sting of ridicule. Feel free to sing along with me :)

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