Sunday, January 8, 2012

Writing a Book Isn’t the Hard Part (Part 1)

I’ve heard authors say it over and over. Writing isn’t the hard part.

I now understand what they’re talking about. The hard part is marketing and finding people who believe in your story. You need momentum and support. This is the first in a two-part series on momentum and support.

I’m quickly learning that bloggers are a great source of momentum (and honesty).

I have a few blog events on the horizon. I’m excited about the publicity, but I’m more excited about the response. Forget the pen wielding, surly editor at the publishing house - bloggers are driving the book market. If you’re looking for the next NYT bestseller, follow blogs.

They’re investing their reputation in the blogs and building communities of like-minded fans. Which means I’ll get a community vibe on Fat Assassins.

Frishawn is reading/reviewing Fat Assassins for her blog: I hope I don’t crash the site as I sit nervously hitting refresh every 10 minutes awaiting the official blog review.

<<HIGH FIVE>> to all the bloggers (especially Frishawn) who invest your time in book blogs and are willing to introduce us to your fans.

Beware the squirrels!


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