Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fat Assassins?

I’ve listed a few spoken and unspoken questions about my first novel. 

Why not a cyber thriller? Since my day job is cybersecurity and helping find cyber criminals in the bits and bytes, most of my friends and family thought a Dan Brown thriller would be my first novel. While I LOVE

working in cybersecurity - I wanted to make myself laugh. And I’m writing what I know - southern culture and silly antics.

Why Fat Assassins?
David and I always have interesting conversations on road trips and the idea for Fat Assassins (and the rest of the series) spawned from one of these sugar and caffeine filled roadtrips. If I remember correctly, the conversation started with a funny bumper sticker I’d purchased.

    Fat people are harder to kidnap.

I love this bumper sticker because it’s true. I couldn’t imagine someone trying to shove me in the back of a non-descript van. My size and my fight are the two reasons I think a kidnapper would find it difficult to snatch me. So, the discussion evolved into stereotyping and how two fat people could be great assassins and nobody would suspect them. And the idea for Fat Assassins was born.

Do I think fat is funny?
No. Maybe. Depends. I don’t know. What I do know is that you have to live your life 100%, regardless of size.

Isn’t F-A-T a taboo word? Um, fat is an adjective. Nothing more, nothing less. And the main characters are fat according to the BMI, but I think they’re fabulous and strong.  The book is about friendship and adventure. Like Thelma and Louis, but with curves. And mobsters. Oh, and explosions and southern charm. If Shasta and Ulysaa were real (spoiler alert, they’re imaginary) - I would want to hang out with with because they’re fun and a tad crazy like a lot of my human friends.

I hope I’ve created heroines that you can cheer for......and ladies I’ll be blogging about Hodde versus McCallister get your votes ready!

Finally, I want to thank all my wonderful friends and family members who are an endless supply of support and inspiration (um, any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental).

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